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21st Century Skills and The Road Ahead

21st Century SkillsA growing number of business leaders, politicans and educators are united around the idea that for students to be successful today they need to develop "21st Century Skills." However, these "21st Century Skills" are not new, but reinvigorated.

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Meeting the Sensory Needs of Young Children

Meeting the Sensory Needs of Young ChildrenSensory processing refers to taking in information through the senses. All children have neurological processes that help them organize the information coming in from their environment along with sensations from their bodies (Ayres 2005). A child's ability to use this information to respond appropriately to the environment—including sounds, lights, textures, motion, and gravity—is known as sensory integration (Lynch & Simpson 2004). "Sensory integration is the part of [sensory processing] in which sensory input from our bodies and the environment are put together and sorted out, and then used so that one can make an adaptive or appropriate response in any situation"(Wakeford 2006, 1). This article addresses sensory processing patterns in children from preschool through the primary grades.

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Examining the impact of afterschool STEM programs

Afterschool STEM programsIn 2014, the Noyce Foundation prepared an After School focused research paper explaining best practice and guidance from the After School Alliance in selecting appropriate after school programs that engage and enhance STEM based learning for all students.

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Sunburst Digital announces a Spiraled Technology Skills Integrated Curriculum allowing Districts continuity in the teaching of 21st century skills like Coding, Programming and Computer Science

SEPT. 17, 2015

Sunburst Digital's Spiraled Technology Curriculum for K12 students.In their new 2015-2016 portfolio of curriculum solutions, Sunburst has been working with 3 category leaders that are passionate about introducing programming, coding and computer science to students spanning K-12. "It is our great privilege to work with the very best-in-class providers of specialized curriculum for learning programming and coding, each offering their own age-appropriate solutions. Their engaging programs are consistent with new curriculum mandates appearing across the country," says Holly DeLeon, VP of Curriculum Integration. "Our instructional and product teams have spent the last 12 months evaluating dozens of solutions focusing on our country's education commitment to new, 21st century skills development. Our responsibility to our school district partners is to offer innovative solutions that are instructionally sound, as well as implementable across diverse teaching and learning environments. This combined suite reflects that proven and credible approach. We consider it our mission to support the process by helping take risk out of innovation," adds DeLeon.

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De Blasio to Announce 10-Year Deadline to Offer Computer Science to All Students

SEPT. 15, 2015

De Blasio to Announce 10-Year Deadline to Offer Computer Science to All StudentsTo ensure that every child can learn the skills required to work in New York City's fast-growing technology sector, Mayor Bill de Blasio will announce on Wednesday that within 10 years all of the city's public schools will be required to offer computer science to all students.

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