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Computer science, problem solving, and critical thinking.

Sunburst Digital realizes the importance of establishing age appropriate, hands-on STEM, coding, programming, and critical thinking routines at all grade levels. This is key to making sure we don't just "react" to the call for 21st century skills. Instead, we fully embed them in and across our curriculum plans.

Our Sunburst Spiraled Technology Skills Integrated Curriculum is the result of Sunburst Digital believing that individual grade and subject area programs should synthesize into a cohesive, well thought out integrated curriculum. Rather than subscribing to a single programming application, Sunburst works with the very best individual solution providers for a fully aligned, progressive mastery curriculum for our district customers.

Type to Learn

Keyboarding is essential for all coding. Developed on a research-based method of sequential, cumulative touch typing instruction, Type to Learn builds critical 21st Century skills for all keyboarding students in grades K-12.

Type to Learn is a cloud-based keyboarding program that improves K-12 student typing speed and accuracy by teaching touch typing. Acting as an online typing tutor for kids, Type to Learn has 36 typing lessons, 5 engaging, skill-targeted typing games with each lesson, and 7 diagnostic, formative, and summative keyboarding assessments.

Wonder Workshop

Dash and DotThe Sunburst Spiraled Technology Curriculum begins with Wonder Workshop. Designed for young children in K-5, Wonder Workshop features a combined sensory, fine motor and socio-emotional approach to introduce programming basics. This is in line with the need for purposeful play as called for by NAEYC best practices.

Students learn programming hands-on with Dash and Dot, award-winning robots designed by Wonder Workshop. Dash and Dot allow elementary students to explore the world of robotics and solve problems through code. Wonder Workshop's free apps allow students to see the results of their code through Dash and Dot.


Students use code to guide a monkey to bananas in each challenge.As students enter grades 4-8, they advance to CodeMonkey. Through fun challenges with beautiful animations and lovable characters, alongside CodeMonkey's unique user experience and special online teaching tools, teachers can introduce basic computer science knowledge to students and better prepare them for the 21st century.

The CodeMonkey curriculum is built as a self-paced online game, where students advance through a progression of challenges. In each level, students write real code to program a monkey to catch all the bananas on the screen. Each solution is checked and graded automatically, and the students receive personalized instructions and hints that help them advance at a pace right for them.​


Each of Kano's kits is created with one idea in mind: anyone can make. Kano is everything you and your students need to understand technology and create with code. After building the included Kano hardware, each package contains hours of engaging coding content - students can code art, games, and music, write docs, browse the web, and more. Kano also has the ability to access your favorite classroom apps available on the Raspberry Pi, including Chromium, Scratch, Google Docs, YouTube, and more.

Making technology “accessible” means Kano is dedicated to helping young learners understand how technology works. Whether a student is an emerging artist, author, scientist, athlete or eventual engineer, Kano believes it is certain that each will go on to live a life where making informed technology decisions is an everyday occurrence.

SAM Labs

With SAM Labs, schools, teachers, and students receive a hands-on curriculum, engaging software, and project based learning resources specifically designed to prepare every student for the connected world. The Internet of Things is made simple for every classroom with SAM Labs’ classroom kits, which model the type of development and interconnectivity being driven by world leading companies like Apple, Intel, Samsung, Tesla, Twitter, Facebook, Ford Motor, and many others.

SAM Labs STEAM Kits provide students with "smart" building blocks and an intuitive interface to creatively connect and interact with technology. SAM Labs Educational Bundles include everything needed to add the possibility of a million inventions to your makerspace or classroom.


StudioWeb offers courses in HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, and more.Advancing to StudioWeb, students learn various application and programming paths. Middle and High School learners begin to master every day web development programs and languages that make them career ready while they are still in school.

StudioWeb teaches web development languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and more through the use of an online learning environment teachers and students of any experience level can use. Students who complete the web foundations courses and the corresponding exam may be awarded a certificate showing the results of their achievements.

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